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Here are some of the experiences BNW has brewed up so far… and some samples of different genres and styles — we’re always writing. Click HERE for more game-focused samples.

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[Last Updated on Feb. 27th, 2023]

Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising

(Action / Fighting – Published by GameMill Entertainment & developed by Flux Games)

Choose your dojo and recruit new students – the All Valley Karate Tournament awaits! An original side-story created in alignment with the original producers and writers of the Emmy-nominated Netflix series. [Release Announcement]

One Night in Kawami

(Visual Novel, made on Ren’Py, 15 minutes, Modern Fantasy / Mystery)

Tanya, a friendly and mysterious stranger, guides you on a night out in Kawami. It’s your first time in the City of Rivers. Make it count. [Release Announcement]

Behind the Scenes is a game concept Pedro Giglio has developed, from pitch to game design document to script, during his time at the Vancouver Film School. This has earned him the honour of the Golden Controller Award for his class year. Zuckered and A Scaly Situation, shown below, are connected to this concept.


(Text adventure made on Twine, 15 minutes, Comedy/Adventure)

Private investigator Merle Zuckerman is a man on a mission: capturing the second-in-command of a speakeasy in Saint Eris, a gritty ol’ town gripped by crime. Or something. 

A Scaly Situation

(Unreal Engine-powered motion capture short, 3 minutes, Comedy/Action)

Merle Zuckerman, a hardened detective from a film noir world, joins forces with Maiko, a psychic schoolgirl from a futuristic sci-fi metropolis, in pursuit of the elusive Subject Zero – always one step beyond them.


(Web Pilot, 7:41 minutes, Comedy/Drama)

Morgan and Alex, married best friends who cover for each other’s sexual orientation, struggle to keep their parents from discovering their secret.

Other Samples


  • Samaritan (Drama, 5pg) [new]: During an interview, a TV reporter realizes how an anonymous chat app forever changed her life.
  • Someone Special (Romance, 5 pg): As Alexia’s Christmas trip is affected by an unforeseen setback, a tall, dark stranger bears the gift of caffeine.
  • The Other Hand (Spy, 5 pg): On a secret mission, a foreign agent infiltrates a parade honouring a banana republic’s dictator.
  • The Phoenix’s Eyes (Fantasy, 5 pg): A grieving warrior is offered to let go of a painful past and help others cleanse their regrets.
  • The Abyss Gazes Also (Elevated Horror/Action, 8 pg): A journalist puts his life on the line to warn the world about the horror that afflicted his town.
  • Radica’s Monitoring Duty (Sci-Fi/Mystery, 5 pg): In a world of insurmountable odds and unknowable phenomena, a sentry rescues a mysterious stranger.



  • A Date With the MermaidA comedic five-room dungeon featuring tourist traps, airships, gnomish engineers, drinking challenges, and more.


  • The End Is… Nah (YouTube, 5 min.): After many years of preparation, the Cult of Omega’s followers gather for their very final meeting.
  • Boss Rush! (6 pg.)In meeting three suitors on a TV show, Joanna needs to find out which of them is secretly a JRPG villain.

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