Don’t just take our word for it.

Since Brand New Whatever’s earliest days, some people have worked with its founder as a screenwriter and story consultant.

“Working with Pedro has been an amazing experience. He’s a warm person who is highly committed with the quality of his work. Pedro played the role of scriptwriter and he even went above and beyond through the development process, his good humor and energy motivated us, I believe I can speak for the team members that he made us keep up the spirit through all the hard work. I’ve loved being able to work with him and I hope for many collaborations in the future.”

– Alexis Octavio Colín Ortiz, Creative Director of Toledot (2021)

“Where do I start? Pedro is an extremely warm and friendly person whose creativity knows no bounds. I worked with him while I was in the Game Design program and he helped my group’s story into a memorable video game narrative. We ended up winning the best narrative award at our graduation. Despite his busy schedule he always gave us the time of day to help us out. I really look forward to working with him again in the future.”

– Connie Choi, Project Manager & Artist for Trouble in Dixie (2020)

“More than anything, I can vouch for Pedro’s uniqueness as a writer, which is the product of his professional and life experience. His scripts are a wonderful labyrinth of captivating dialogue and fun action descriptions that result in both captivating stories and fun reads. I had the pleasure of studying with Pedro and work-shopping each other’s scripts for the better part of a year, and not only did he prove himself as a writer, but also as an excellent story editor. His feedback and notes on the screenplay I was working on were insightful and a blast to read. As a writer, feeling reassured that your work has potential but also seeing its flaws is always a great result after reading a reader’s report, and Pedro has the uncommon ability to do so naturally.”

– –Alvaro Calmet, Lead Game Designer & Narrative Designer for Imp of the Sun (2022)

“Working with Pedro was great. A talented writer with a clear vision, caring about details. Soon after my pitch he entered into the idea of Beards, the pilot episode we created, straight away. He brought value into the pre-production and created a fantastic script for the episode. Pedro accepted opinions and suggestions from me and my director very well and, focusing on carrying the vision into the production phase, he delivered a great, modified script that led to an even better final product. I will definitely want to work with Pedro again in the future.”

– Marco Zodio, Producer for Beards (2020)